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Trimming and Pruning
Mulch and Stone Decor
Lawn Care
Tree and Shrub Installation

We provide a high-quality mowing service for Central PA.  Our attention to detail  and consistant quality has set us apart from other landscape companies.

Just like how a new house is not complete without a fresh coat of paint, your landscape is not complete without a layer of mulch or stone. Mulch and stone not only look great but naturally boost and protect the health of your plants and soil. Let us help you find the best option for you and your landscape.

Gardens are not only useful but can be a beautiful addition to your property. Whether you plan on growing vegetables or planting flowers, we offer complete installation and planting services to get your garden off to a healthy start.  

Pruning is necessary to promote good plant health, remove damaged limbs, encourage new growth, and maintain shape. Proper tree pruning and shrub pruning helps direct growth, promote plant health, rejuvenate plants appearance, and much more. Give us a call and we will see how we can help you keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

The addition of trees and shrubs is what ties a property all together.  It has the ability to soften structures and provide curb appeal, no matter what season it may be.  There are options to keep your property lively through all seasons.  Various heights and textures all come together when designing the perfect solution for our customers.